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Pegasus Grip tape pegs

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  • anodized blue - $55.00
  • anodized black - $55.00
  • anodized red - $55.00
  • anodized purple - $55.00
  • anodized gold - $55.00
  • polished - $55.00
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Pegasus Grip tape pegs feature a removable replaceable pivot endcap with strong m30x1.5 thread. These caps last a very long time and are made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum.

The pegs base is refined from original design to be much stronger than the original. CNC machined from 7075 aluminum

The base has a nice small taper to reduce rocking on the dropout and allow for more versatile fitment on various frames and forks.
some other features are:
14mm and 3/8's" axle are available aswell as anodizing in any colour you want!

Cylindrical engraving our company name on the long pivot end.

The grip tape area is lower than the pivot area to reduce peeling and help keep grip tape in good condition. The Grip tape included with these pegs and the pegs are sold in pair (2 pegs in a set).