Slantstem - version 2 - SL50

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 Slantstem - version 2 - SL50

We have produced 6 stems this past year and we will produce another 14 more stems in winter of 22 for a total of 20 stems worldwide! These limited stems will be numbered stamped aswell as updated from the previous slant stem version 1.

Version 1 slant stem was two limited production runs of 10 stems in each batch - worldwide total of only 20 pcs and is now sold out + discontinued for collectibility, to make way for version 2!

This new v.2 stem features some slight modifications to the design and overall appearance making SL50 much more modern. We kept many of the same attributes of version 1 but Updated & changed the design of the edges making them more rounded and more sleek, less sharp! Main changes are the back clamping area modified. Please see version 1 listing for images..

Slant version 2 is called SL50 and of course is our second design version of a slant stem orientation collection and we hope to produce another - version 3 someday stay tuned!